Helpers are context utility objects that are available throughout the entire request processing chain the: models, controllers and views. The helpers are loaded at startup and automatically introduced in the view/controller context the moment a web request is received. They remain in the context until the response is finalized.

Micro is deliberately distributed with a relatively short list of helpers and the user is encouraged to write their own and eventually contribute the code to the Micro project. A list with the known helpers can be found here: Helpers catalog

Defining helpers

The helpers are small utility libraries that ideally would be designed to have a single responsibility. All the helpers are defined in the: config/helpers folder, by simple .yml configuration files, one file per helper. Here is an example of a helper configuration file:

WEB-INF/config/helpers/hello.yml file:
description: A very simple helper example
class: ca.simplegames.micro.helpers.HelloHelper

  foo: bar

At startup, Micro is inspecting the config/helpers folder and loads all the helpers defined according to the class definition. In the example above, Micro will create a helper definition named: hello and will instantiate a ca.simplegames.micro.helpers.HelloHelper object every time a web request is received. The helper are then injected into the controllers/views context and made available by their names; a simple key value entry.

Following the example above, a view will be able to use a helper like this (Velocity code):


while a controller will have to use the context:

public void execute(MicroContext context, Map config) throws ...{
  HelloHelper hello = (HelloHelper) context.get("hello");

Distributing/installing Helpers

If you like a certain helper, then most probably you will have a .jar library containing the helper implementation. Copy this file to WEB-INF/lib; basically make it available in the CLASSPATH. If instead of the .jar, you have a simple compiled Java class or more classes, then copy these binaries to: WEB-INF/classes. Micro will have to find the implementation in the CLASSPATH at start-up time, otherwise it will throw an error that you can inspect in the server logs. Edit or copy the helper configuration file to the config/helpers folder and restart Micro. That's all. Now you can use the helper(s).

Implement your own helper

Simply extend the ca.simplegames.micro.Helper class if you want to implement your own helper. A list with the known helpers can be found here: Helpers catalog

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