Extensions catalog

This is a catalog describing the extensions included in the Micro distribution or the extensions contributed by users to the Micro project. Available at Github, as a public repository: Micro-extensions.

  • i18N - the internationalization support (included in Micro)
  • Quartz Scheduler - a Micro extension using Quartz 2.2.x for scheduling simple or complex jobs that are defined as standard Micro Controllers.
  • Cache-admin - this is a very basic administrative extension for displaying various cache statistics and clearing the cache in a Micro web application. It is also illustrating the flexibility of the extensions support in the Micro framework. This extension is showing you how to define your own repositories and create your own UI, create Routes and publish local static content such as: .css and .png files, all these completely isolated from the host application.
  • StringTemplate (ST) - this extension is adding the StringTemplate rendering support to Micro.
  • ActiveJDBC-M - ActiveJDBC is a Java implementation of the Active Record design pattern.
  • mustache - support for the Mustache(.java) template engine, a derivative of mustache.js.
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